About Us

PowerAdvocate provides market and cost intelligence to energy companies to optimize financial results. We combine best-in-class information, innovative technology, and expert services to produce superior market intelligence. Since 1999, we have helped asset-intensive clients achieve operational and financial excellence, increase profitability, and optimize business performance. Today, we deliver software-as-a-service through our Energy Intelligence Platform® which expands the energy value chain in both Power and Oil & Gas.

In addition to our Energy Intelligence Platform, our client service team of technical and seasoned professionals plays an integral role at a number of top Fortune 500 energy companies. We have engineers and supply chain professionals who can work with you at every stage of your O&M or capital project process. Our team members include experts from the energy industry with hands-on operational experience. We've been in the trenches - designing, building, and operating energy infrastructure. PowerAdvocate's technical expertise creates a culture that is rooted in delivering significant, measurable results for your organization.

Our Technology Process SCRUM

PowerAdvocate software is developed using the Scrum framework which allows features with important business value to be prioritized for feature development. The Scrum framework supports a flexible, collaborative and efficient development environment that enables PowerAdvocate to be highly responsive to customer and market needs. Since adopting this agile development process, we’ve had:

  • Employees work to support and deliver our six Energy Intelligence Platform products
  • The time required to prepare a release for production decrease from three-weeks to six days
  • 75% fewer software bugs
  • 50% reduction in cycle time to introduce new products

Read more about our transition to the Scrum process in the SolutionsIQ Case Study.

I expected turnover; the reality is that we’ve not lost a single person as a result of the change from Waterfall to Scrum. Now we’re excited about how we make software. It’s kind of unbelievable.”

- Daniel Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer, PowerAdvocate